Friday, 24 December 2010

Puppy-Sitting 2 December 2010

Some neighbors of ours on the mooring adopted a lurcher a couple of months ago.  When they got her home, they discovered she was pregnant, and shortly afterward she gave birth to eight lurcher/whippet cross puppies.  They are gorgeous black sleek little things, very wiggly and good-tempered.  All of the puppies have been adopted into loving homes now as far as I know, but back at the beginning of the month there were two female puppies left, Eliza and Sweetpea.  We were very tempted to adopt one of them as we've been discussing getting a dog for awhile, and so we puppy-sat Sweetpea for one night.  She was absolutely lovely, but we decided, very responsibly and grown-up-ly, not to adopt her because we don't know if we'll be moving back on land soon and it's so hard to find a landlord who allows dogs.  It was a tough decision because Sweetpea was very smart and affectionate and would make a terrific narrow dog for a narrow boat. 

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