Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Walking to Work

Sometimes I walk to work in the morning.  It takes about an hour and I get to walk through Mayfair and see what's in the windows at Marc Jacobs.  But my favorite part is walking through Green Park.  When I used to live in Hackney and take the 38 bus to work, I would get off at Green Park and walk the rest of the way, no matter what the weather was doing.  Partly it was because by the time I got to Green Park my back would be killing me and I couldn't sit down for one more second, but mostly it was because it was so beautiful.  I could smoke a cigarette and crunch in the snow, or collect conkers, and watch the dogs running around when their owners let them off the lead.  So, here are some pictures I took on my phone this morning on my walk. 


  1. Really lovely. I like the background image too - are you going to change it every day? xx

  2. Thanks Seonaid. I changed the background because I thought the other one was hard to read. I'll probably leave it like this for awhile. Maybe til the seasons change.